(September 21, 2014) SCHUYLER KRAUS School is difficult enough without having to weed through corporate bias. As Gov. Sam Brownback and the state legislature incrementally cut education funding, they are opening the door for donors with specific agendas to purchase influence at Kansas University.
(September 20, 2014) STEVE ROSE There is a scent of hypocrisy in the air. The two right-wingers who were appointed along with seven others across the political spectrum to a special commission in Kansas, the K-12 Student Performance and Efficiency Commission...
(September 19, 2014) DANIEL MC COY Jennifer Baysinger, of the advocacy group Coalition for a Better Wichita, says she wants to be clear about something: The group is not against creating new jobs. It just believes there are better ways to do it than through publicly funded incentives.
(September 19, 2014) DANIEL MC COY Jeff Finkle, president of the International Economic Development Council, has a message for Wichita: Incentives like the jobs fund some local leaders are pushing as part of the proposed 1-cent sales tax are not unique.
(September 18, 2014) BOB WEEKS The State of Kansas has implemented tax reform that reduces the tax burden for Kansans. A remaining challenge that has not yet been tackled is spending reform, that is, aligning Kansas state government spending with a smaller stream of tax revenue.