(July 23, 2014) DAVE TRABERT Why is it that so many politicians and their supporters have dropped all pretense of civilly discussing issues and instead deal in verbal assaults on the truth?
Much has been written and spoken in the national media recently about the dire economic conditions that are perceived to exist in Kansas with an outlook even more dismal.
Although it’s almost always better to have access to test data, especially “high stakes” testing as state assessments have been called, the uniqueness to the overall circumstances make this the rare case when it is better off not to know.
(July 21, 2014) BOB WEEKS Where was Mayor Carl Brewer? A forum on water issues featured a presentation by Wichita city officials and was attended by other city officials, but the city missed a learning opportunity.
(July 21, 2014) New research from the Kansas Policy Institute quotes Kansas Legislative Research Department in refuting claims that Kansas will have a $1.2 billion deficit in 2019. Some legislators have been telling media and citizens that the KLRD is predicting large deficits, KPI said, but...