(April 25, 2015) DAVE TRABERT Legislators are under a lot of pressure to raise taxes, and some are already making the case that tax increases are “necessary” or “may be unavoidable.” But tax increases are not necessary.
A recent Kansas City Star editorial says that In the Kansas City area, jobs aren’t fleeing Missouri after Kansas tax cuts, but as is often the case, they set up a straw man argument (e.g., “fleeing” isn’t the issue) and make selective use of data to make their point.
(April 25, 2015) The Kansas City metropolitan area is ground zero for measuring the impact of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s income tax cuts on job creation. It is an article of faith among Brownback and his supporters that slicing taxes for selected Kansans will convince people and companies...
Despite ‘sky is falling’ claims from high tax / big government proponents, the new Kansas revenue estimates show that tax revenue will continue to be well ahead of the inflation-adjusted historic trend.
(April 22, 2015) YAEL T. ABOUHALKAH It’s broken record time in Kansas: The new national report released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Kansas had the 39th worst jobs growth record over the last year.