(October 16, 20140 KELSEY RYAN The Kansas Policy Institute, a conservative Wichita nonprofit organization, is hosting its final community forum on the components of the upcoming sales tax referendum.
(October 15, 2014) BOB WEEKS In a poll, only one-third of Wichita voters support local governments using taxpayer money to provide subsidies to certain businesses for economic development.
Being an unabashed education reform advocate, I am always on the lookout for those in the education establishment who consider themselves reformers. Recently I came across an opinion published in Education Week titled "Getting Beyond One ‘Right Way’ of K-12 Reform."
(October 14, 2014) DAVE TRABERT A public opinion poll sponsored by Kansas Policy Institute last year showed that 70% of Kansans are opposed to school districts using taxpayer funds to lobby, with only 16% in favor.
(October 14, 2014) BOB WEEKS As Wichita voters prepare to decide on the proposed one cent per dollar sales tax, a recent survey found that few voters believe the city spends efficiently. In April Kansas Policy Institute commissioned SurveyUSA to conduct a scientific poll concerning current topics...