"School choice, it seems, should be a no-brainer. Why not give families vouchers, allowing them to make free choices for their children’s education? There’s a reason increasing numbers of inner-city activists in places like Chicago and Washington, D.C., are fighting for charter schools and voucher programs. They know choice would be better for their kids. They know the government has failed them."

The Crazy World of Public Schools | RealClearPolitics
Are America’s vast, sprawling, powerful government agencies really all that bad? Left-leaning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, in a recent series of columns and blog posts, has...
Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:51:55 +0000
LIKE if you agree with the 80% of Kansans who believe that employees should have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave a labor union.

Survey Results | Employee Freedom Week
National Employee Freedom Week has released a series of scientific surveys to find out how many union members want to leave their union and gauging the public’s support for employee freedom. The results were surprising.
Tue, 12 Aug 2014 15:16:37 +0000

Kansas school funding has been increasing
The Aug. 1 news article “In Kansas, a deep-red ‘experiment,’ ” about Kansas’s tax reform, provided incomplete data on school funding. The base state aid data used to show a decline in school funding r...
Tue, 05 Aug 2014 14:27:30 +0000
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Data Warehouse
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Unencumbered by District 2005-2013.pdf
Size: 191.61 KB
Carryover cash balances by district, comparing 2005 and 2013 balances.
Unencumbered for Local Effort 2006-2013.pdf
Size: 300.32 KB
Unencumbered carryover cash balances for Kansas school districts.
Unencumbered for Local Effort 2005-2013.pdf
Size: 308.93 KB
Unencumbered carryover cash reserves for Kansas school districts.
2014 K-12 Fact Book.pdf
Size: 635.81 KB
This pocket-sized reference guide is loaded with facts on spending, aid, carryover cash, enrollment, employment and student achievement, at both the state and district level. All of it comes from official government sources.
Testimony SB 452 School Funding 4 1 14.pdf
Size: 509.97 KB
Testimony delivered by KPI before the Senate Ways & Means Committee regarding school funding.
Testimony HB 2774 Balloon 4 1 14 docx.pdf
Size: 507.75 KB
Testimony delivered by KPI before the House Committee on Appropriations regarding HB 2774 and Balloon Amendment on School Finance and Policy Reforms.
2013 Spending above Median (3).pdf
Size: 144.77 KB
Table reflects potential cost savings if districts currently spending over the median spent at median level.
2013 Spending per-pupil Stratified (3).pdf
Size: 185.16 KB
Current operating spending per pupil: low, median and high.
At Risk 2013 K-12 by Object.pdf
Size: 733.42 KB
Background information provided for KPI Testimony on Education Funding and Performance - delivered 6 March 2014.
State Provision and At Risk 3 6 14 Full Page slides.pdf
Size: 324.86 KB
Testimony delivered by KPI before a joint meeting of the House and Senate Education Committees regarding the overall use of funding and performance, with particular emphasis on how the funding impacts at-risk students.
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