"There is certainly a discussion to be had about fairness in taxation, but anyone proposing to increase or charge a tax based on fairness should be supportive of taxing government retirees the same as private sector retirees."

If fairness is really the issue, tax government pensions
Some of the push to raise tax revenue in Kansas is being couched in terms of fairness, as in, ‘why should one group be exempt from income tax but others must pay tax.’ The focus of those discussions are the businesses organized as Limited Liability C
Fri, 01 May 2015 19:40:26 +0000
A few photos from KPI's 2015 annual dinner in Overland Park w/ Rep. Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Dinner - OP 2015
A few photos from KPI's 2015 annual dinner in Overland Park w/ Rep. Mike Pompeo
Wed, 22 Apr 2015 21:21:33 +0000
Michael Moore-style "mockumentary" is political statement masquerading as documentary. High school producer to be applauded for effort, but needs to be honest about perspective.

Video Documentary on Kansas Budget Short on Facts
Dave Trabert, president of Kansas Policy Institute, discusses Kansas state budget facts that were left out of a
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 02:51:19 +0000
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HB 2319 - Opponent Testimony - Kansas Policy Institute.pdf
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Testimony delivered by KPI before the House Committee on Health and Human Services regarding legislative Medicaid expansion authority.
Appendix - Supplemental Charts Enrollee Category Cost Projections.pdf
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A sample of the cost projections included for 45 different enrollee categories, per gender, utilized in KPI's two Medicaid/ACA studies.