• Governing isn’t about granting wishes

    Governing isn’t about granting wishes0

    Many parents will soon be faced with the annual Christmas wish list dilemma – deciding how much of their kids’ list they can afford without inflicting economic turmoil on the family. A lot of new legislators will face the same challenge come January, as granting everything on the vote-for-me list would require enormous tax increases

  • Government’s entitlement mentality – Part 1

    Government’s entitlement mentality – Part 10

    To get a firm understanding of government’s entitlement mentality, imagine this conversation taking place at your neighbor’s front door. Susie:  “Yes?” Carmine: “Hi, my name is Carmine and I’m with the local school board.  I’m here to collect what you owe.” Susie: “What do you mean?  We paid our taxes.” Carmine: “On your income, sure,

  • KC Biz Journal misleads on Johnson County property tax

    KC Biz Journal misleads on Johnson County property tax0

    We routinely see media sharing false information and if it appears to be an innocent mistake, we first give them an opportunity to correct their own mistake.  Last month, the Kansas City Business Journal inaccurately stated that Johnson County accounted for 34 percent of the property tax paid in Kansas, with Sedgwick County in second

  • Oil, farming suppress sales tax collections

    Oil, farming suppress sales tax collections0

    Shortfalls in state sales tax collections are the single largest factor in missing revenue estimates this year, and new data from the Department of Revenue shows economic challenges in agriculture and the oil & gas industry may be the driving factor.  This KDOR map shows gains in northeast Kansas and the Wichita area but significant

  • Move Revenue Estimates from April to May

    Move Revenue Estimates from April to May0

    Moving the timetable for the issuance of Spring revenue estimates from April to May is among the task force recommendations to improve to the process, and history shows that to be a much-needed change.  Over the last 15 years, the April income tax estimate (Individual and Corporate combined) have missed the current year actual receipts

  • States That Spend Less Tax Less

    States That Spend Less Tax Less0

    Media and legislators constantly present Kansans with the false choice between paying higher taxes to bankroll more government spending or risking cuts to desired public services. But many states continue to show that it is possible to maintain both a low-tax environment and quality public services. The key to doing so lies in states controlling