New estimates show tax revenue still running well ahead of inflation

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Despite ‘sky is falling’ claims from high tax / big government proponents, the new Kansas revenue estimates show that tax revenue will continue to be well ahead of the inflation-adjusted historic trend. Tax revenue increased by 28.4 percent over the last ten year, or 4 points more than the increase in inflation (Midwest Urban Cities calculated on a fiscal year basis).  The April … Read More

Political perspective masquerades as ‘documentary’

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“Where the Buffaloed Roam – An Ode to the Kansas Budget,” a film by Louisburg High School student Carson Tappan, is being featured at the Kansas City Film Festival.  It is billed as a ‘documentary’ but in reality, it merely presents a political viewpoint that doesn’t let facts get in the way of the story it wants to tell. Mr. … Read More

2014 City and County Payrolls Added to KansasOpenGov.Org

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Payroll listings of 2014 earnings by employee name and position for eleven cities, seven counties and the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District are now available on  The data is obtained each year through Open Records requests. Kansas has more local government employees per 10,000 residents than all but one state (see page 16 here) and the cost of having so much local … Read More

Businesses welcome transparent, accessible, accountable state & local regulations

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Adapted from the foreward to KPI’s recent “Business Perceptions of the Economic Impact of State and Local Government Regulations” paper. Check out KPI’s podcast discussion of the paper, the key findings, and related topics. When policy debates turn to job creation there is often scant detail beyond platitudes and talking points. “We need lower taxes.” “Targeted government investment is the name … Read More

Kansas beats Missouri in private sector job growth

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Revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Kansas had better private sector job growth in 2014 than neighboring states of Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Colorado was the only neighboring state that did better, as it has done for thirteen of the last sixteen years. Kansas also outperformed Iowa and Arkansas, both of which had job growth of … Read More

Guest Post: King v. Burwell: What State Lawmakers Should Do

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Posted by Patrick Parkes on Friday, March 20, 2015 This piece was published originally by The Heritage Foundation and authored by Edmund F. Haislmaier, Senior Research Fellow in the Center for Health Policy Studies, of the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity, at The Heritage Foundation. State lawmakers—particularly those in states that would be affected by a Supreme Court ruling … Read More

If Quality Healthcare Is the Goal, Medicaid Expansion Isn’t the Answer

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Next week’s legislative agenda in Topeka will continue the debate in Kansas about possible expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act—more commonly known as Obamacare. A KPI blog post from May 2014 outlined the grave financial dangers of heading down this path. Kansas already faces $4.1 billion (almost $1,400 per Kansan) in new Medicaid costs on account of Obamacare’s “individual mandate” … Read More

Turnpike Payroll Raises Question of Pension Spiking

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Calendar year 2013 payroll data for the Kansas Turnpike Authority–just added to raises some questions about pension spiking—which is the artificial increasing of an employee’s Final Average Salary at retirement, thereby producing a higher pension. (Note: KTA is a government authority, but it is not part of the state budget and its employees are therefore not included in the … Read More