• Streamlining State Regulations

    Streamlining State Regulations0

    Minimizing the burden on the economy of regulations is just as much a goal for the government as having healthy taxes or responsible spending. What’s more, the regulatory regime should be something upon which bipartisan support can be found. Very few people want burdensome regulations but the devil is in the details about how to

  • SB 347: The Mother of All Subsidies

    SB 347: The Mother of All Subsidies0

    The government version of Einstein’s supposed definition of insanity (doing the same things over and over at a much higher cost and expecting different outcomes) is the theme of Senate Bill 347 (SB 347).  State and local officials have long embraced subsidies as the primary tool for economic growth despite the fact that Kansas is

  • December 2021 Jobs Report: Less Labor Participation, More Subsidies

    December 2021 Jobs Report: Less Labor Participation, More Subsidies0

    The December Labor Report from the Kansas Department of Labor shows Kansas gained 2000 private-sector jobs. This is the slowest job growth rate since July at 0.2%, and is a decrease from the updated 0.3% of the previous month. At the same rate of growth that Kansas has experienced since the start of 2021, the

  • 2022 State of the State…With a Grain of Salt

    2022 State of the State…With a Grain of Salt0

    Kansas Governor Laura Kelly gave her 2022 State of the State address this week to mark the beginning of this year’s legislative session. This speech, set against a backdrop of the ever-growing state revenue surplus, included many of the Governor’s already announced ideas and plans for what to do with the cash. In the speech,

  • A Responsible Kansas Budget

    A Responsible Kansas Budget0

    The state of Kansas has experienced what are arguably excessive monthly tax collections over the past year. Last month alone exceeded expectations by 7.8%. This comes as a backdrop for the upcoming legislative session where ideas such as eliminating the sales tax on food and offering a $250 tax rebate have been pitched by Governor

  • Entrepreneurship Resources in Kansas

    Entrepreneurship Resources in Kansas0

    Over the pandemic, I opened…and later subsequently closed, a business with some friends. It was a social media app. We had little capital and no physical office. Doing the paperwork to open our business was relatively easy after we actually found it online. There was no clear guide on “file this paper, send this in