• Educators mislead Civil Rights Commission

    Educators mislead Civil Rights Commission0

    You can add ‘misleading the Kansas Advisory Council to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission’ to the list of ethical lapses committed by educators in their pursuit of money.  The Advisory Council took testimony earlier this year to determine whether the Kansas school funding formula contributes to disparities in student achievement on the basis of race,

  • Kansas school boards skimp on teacher pay

    Kansas school boards skimp on teacher pay0

    Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) chief lobbyist Mark Tallman’s recent post says teacher pay is too low, but he left out one important detail – low teacher pay is a conscious decision of local school board members.  Tallman cites teacher pay estimates from the National Center for Education Statistics showing average teacher pay is

  • $3.7 billion tax increase set up by courts and schools

    $3.7 billion tax increase set up by courts and schools0

    Remember this fairy tale about Obamacare? “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  The Kansas version of that hollow promise is ‘we can massively increase school funding without a tax increase.’ The harsh reality is that Kansas taxpayers are being set up for a $3.7 billion tax increase over the next