2017 Public Education Fact Book

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KPI’s fifth annual Public Education Fact Book is a one-stop shop for data on public school information from The Sunflower State. Numerous scientific surveys show that citizens are grossly misinformed on many pertinent facts of public education in Kansas. Aid and spending per-pupil are much higher than many Kansans believe, and student achievement is lower than understood. This fact book … Read More

School funding formula must start from scratch

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Some school officials and legislators may be planning to modify the old school funding formula rather than write a brand new formula in 2017. But if they do, it likely would be found unconstitutional. The Kansas Supreme Court says adequacy of funding “is met when the public education financing system provided by the Legislature for grades K-12 – through structure … Read More

Education spending and KASB’s government entitlement mentality: Part 4

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In the first three installments of this series, KPI has thoroughly debunked the Kansas Association of School Boards cry for higher taxes based on what they call “declining investment in school funding.” In Part 1, Dave Trabert challenged KASB’s position that government, specifically schools in this case, has an inherent right to a given percentage of personal income. In Part … Read More

Public education funding and a government entitlement mentality – Part 3

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The Kansas Association of School Boards claims lagging tax revenues have led to “declining investment in school funding,” which is a euphemism for “we’re not getting all the money we want.” That’s the theme of the next installment of their 3-part essay, a trilogy that sets out to make the case for a tax increase in order to funnel more … Read More

Government’s entitlement mentality – Part 1

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To get a firm understanding of government’s entitlement mentality, imagine this conversation taking place at your neighbor’s front door. Susie:  “Yes?” Carmine: “Hi, my name is Carmine and I’m with the local school board.  I’m here to collect what you owe.” Susie: “What do you mean?  We paid our taxes.” Carmine: “On your income, sure, but your employer spent more … Read More

Non-KPERS funding sets another per-pupil record in 2015-16

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Just-spend-more proponents say KPERS spending shouldn’t count towards school funding, without acknowledging that non-KPERS funding set per-pupil records in 2014 and 2015.  And new data from the Kansas Department of Education shows another record was set last year. Total spending per-pupil did decline a bit last year, but only because of there was less spending on KPERS (which means districts … Read More

Per-pupil funding still exceeds $13K, 2016-17 estimated to be another record year

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Per-pupil spending once again exceeded $13 thousand in the 2015-16 school year and the 2016-17 year is expected to be another record year for total and per-pupil expenditures. This according to financial data received from the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). After four consecutive years of record spending, per-pupil funding dipped to $13,015 in 2015-16. However, the decrease can … Read More

School operating cash reserves set new record at $911 million

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You’ve heard the rhetoric from school officials and media – Kansas schools are underfunded, broke, etc. – but new data from the Department of Education shows that district operating cash reserves set a new record, finishing the school year with $911 million in the bank!  They started the year with $853 million in reserves, so the $58 million increase reflects … Read More

Expenses Up, Enrollment Down, and a Highly-Paid Staff at Kansas City Kansas Community College


Taxpayers in Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties are on the hook for a highly-paid police force amidst several other highly-paid employees at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC). This comes according to new payroll records for both FY 14-15 and FY 15-16 that have been added to KansasOpenGov.Org. The table below offers a few examples. Decisions to pay well above even … Read More

More court-ordered money to schools wouldn’t make them any more accountable

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KASB asks the question: “What would Kansas schools do with more money?” Despite the fact that this is a question that could be asked every school year, since K-12 funding keeps increasing annually, the query is a reference to the pending Kansas Supreme Court decision in the Gannon case. And why not speculate? Given the track record of all the … Read More