• Will $17K Per-Pupil Make Achievement Acceptable?

    Will $17K Per-Pupil Make Achievement Acceptable?0

    “How much” may be the number one question bandied about as the 2018 legislative session gets underway – as in, how much money will it take to satisfy the Supreme Court on school funding – but that’s not the most important question.  Regardless of whether legislators choose to add a single dollar to the record

  • District Staffing Decisions Reduce Teacher Pay by $13,700

    District Staffing Decisions Reduce Teacher Pay by $13,7000

    School lobbyists routinely cite low teacher pay as rationale for more school funding but a new school staffing study shows how districts’ staffing decisions have diverted money from teacher salaries.  According to The Sentinel, a nationwide study by Dr. Ben Scafidi and published by EdChoice.org shows the average Kansas teacher could be paid $13,708 more

  • Kansans Want Schools Held Accountable

    Kansans Want Schools Held Accountable0

    Kansans are sending a strong message to legislators as they prepare for next year’s school funding debates – hold schools accountable.  A statewide public opinion survey conducted by SurveyUSA on behalf of Kansas Policy Institute shows: 78 percent of registered voters say non-instruction services should be provided regionally, with the savings put into classrooms. 70

  • School Cash Reserves Nearly Triple State Budget Requirement

    School Cash Reserves Nearly Triple State Budget Requirement0

    State legislators are legally required to keep cash reserves equal to 7.5 percent of General Fund spending but the average Kansas school district had nearly three times that level – 19.3 percent – in reserve at the beginning of the 2017 school year.   That disparity should prompt considerable discussion in the upcoming legislative session.  A

  • Court’s Gannon Ruling Won’t Help Kids

    Court’s Gannon Ruling Won’t Help Kids0

    New data from the Kansas Department of Education provides more stark evidence showing the Kansas Supreme Court Gannon ruling to increase funding won’t help students.   Legislators could give more money to local school boards but they can’t make them spend it effectively or efficiently.  And that’s largely the reason that simply spending more money never has –

  • Kansas School Spending Hits $13,647 Per Pupil For 2018

    Kansas School Spending Hits $13,647 Per Pupil For 20180

    The Department of Education estimates Kansas school spending will increase by $387.5 million this year and set a new per-pupil record of $13,647.  Total spending of $6.472 billion is also a new record.  The estimate was emailed to Kansas Policy Institute by KSDE Deputy Commissioner Dale Dennis this morning. State aid will jump by $316READ MORE