Kansas Schools Petulantly Demand $972 Million More

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Like students attempting to explain away a bad grade, school districts’ taxpayer-funded lawyers bombarded the State Supreme Court with a litany of excuses and rationalizations to justify their demand for another $972 million over the next two years.  Their June 30 brief to the Court says the Legislature’s increase of $195 million in the coming school year should be pushed … Read More

New School Funding Formula is Bad for Students and Citizens

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The new school funding formula on its way to the Governor’s desk could have been a lot worse if the education lobby got all it wanted, but it’s still bad legislation for students and citizens.  The funding is much higher than necessary, causing citizens to be excessively taxed, and most important, schools are not held accountable for improving outcomes. The … Read More

Dedicating Income Tax to Schools is Just Pandering; There’s Also a Downside

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Dedicating income tax collections to school funding is the latest “Here, hold my beer” notion to come out of the Kansas Legislature this session, proving once again Thomas Sowell’s take on politics.  He said, “No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems.  They are trying to solve their own problems … Read More

Legislature may need course correction on K-12 education funding bill

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The Kansas legislature has reached what they term first adjournment, a fancy term for a three-week recess. Lawmakers will take a deep breath and reconvene in early May, faced with a full-plated agenda that will feature approving a new K-12 education finance law attempting to satisfy the Supreme Court’s decree of a having in place a constitutionally adequate funding mechanism … Read More

KASB Funding Proposal Ignores Legal Test of Adequacy

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The Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) provided written testimony to the House K-12 Education Budget Committee as the committee held hearings on HB 2410, a would-be new K-12 education funding law. They included a funding proposal to increase K-12 dollars by a whopping $778.7 million per year and tried to justify their wish by tying it to the Supreme … Read More

Mike O’Neal speaks out on the Gannon decision

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Former House Speaker Mike O’Neal in his thesis: GANNON: The Fallacy of the Court’s Emerson Analysis takes issue with the way the Kansas Supreme Court applied the definition of adequacy in their March 2017 decision. O’Neal points to the Court’s issue that one-fourth to one-third of Kansas students lack basic skills as justification that K-12 education financing is unconstitutionally inadequate, … Read More

False claims on Kansas school funding

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Fair warning to Kansans: beware of false claims on Kansas school funding.  Anyone saying the Supreme Court ruling says taxpayers must increase school funding by any amount is either repeating bad information they’ve been given or is consciously making a false claim. Former state budget director Duane Goossen, who now works for Kansas Action for Children, says “Now that the … Read More

New school funding formula required by Court

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School lawyers and some legislators are saying it will require $400 million to $800 million more per-year to satisfy the Court but that’s not what the Court said. State legislators should ignore those claims and focus on what the Supreme Court actually said: build a new school funding formula that is reasonable calculated so that students can meet the Rose standards.  … Read More