Good news! No big news from Supreme Court Gannon decision

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In the much anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court regarding K-12 school financing, the big news in the decision is that there is no big news. With Justices Beier and Stegall recusing themselves, the Court’s third ruling pursuant to Gannon v. State of Kansas, the justices ruled unanimously, and not surprisingly, that the existing K-12 education funding system education is … Read More

Oral arguments in Gannon – a case of the misguided, misinformed and a missed opportunity

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The oral argument phase of the Gannon adequacy case before the Kansas Supreme Court was a real head-scratcher.  The two-hour back-and-forth between justices and attorneys provided little confidence that the Court will finally do the right thing and dismiss the case. This examination will analyze the arguments of both attorneys and the queries and comments of the judges to show … Read More

Kansas Supreme Court hears arguments regarding K-12 funding adequacy pursuant to Gannon case

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The Kansas Supreme Court held oral arguments last month in the on-going, seemingly endless Gannon v. State of Kansas school finance litigation. In question is the adequacy of funding to K-12 education across the state. Despite that fact that the Court’s decision has a potentially seismic impact on not only funding to education, but also to other state services and … Read More

More court-ordered money to schools wouldn’t make them any more accountable

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KASB asks the question: “What would Kansas schools do with more money?” Despite the fact that this is a question that could be asked every school year, since K-12 funding keeps increasing annually, the query is a reference to the pending Kansas Supreme Court decision in the Gannon case. And why not speculate? Given the track record of all the … Read More

Supreme Court Should Dismiss Gannon for Lack of Rose Measurement and False Spending Premise – Policy Brief

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In 2014, in Gannon v. State of Kansas, the Kansas Supreme Court determined that the adequacy of the state’s education finance system is met when students meet or exceed the Rose standards. The Court is now ready to hear arguments as to the adequacy of school funding. Pursuant to the arguments, the attorneys for the plaintiffs in Gannon have filed a legal brief contending that … Read More

KASB, school lawyers ignore reality in naked money grab

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Like teenagers lobbying their parents for new stuff, the Kansas Association of School Boards and taxpayer-funded school lawyers want hundreds of millions more from taxpayers, and claim that student achievement hangs in the balance. Teenager:  You know, my grades would be a lot better if you buy me a new phone to record notes.  And if I had a car, I … Read More

Amend the Constitution to protect students

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It’s hard to imagine that any court would threaten to violate students’ constitutional right to education by closing schools over a tiny funding dispute, but that’s the bizarre reality we face in Kansas.  Since statutory prohibition of school closure as set forth in K.S.A. 60-2106(d) and K.S.A. 72-64b03(b) is obviously insufficient to deter the Supreme Court from threatening such action, … Read More

Gannon school funding litigation – a summary of decisions and KPI responses

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The recent Supreme Court decision that ordered the Legislature to address what the Court considers inequities in education funding is the latest in a series of court decisions since the Gannon lawsuit was filed during the waning days of the Sebelius/Parkinson administration in November of 2010. The following is a chronological capsulized summary of those decisions and KPI’s reactions. (A … Read More

Don’t let the courts close schools

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The rhetoric must stop.  Now.  Nothing is accomplished by the Supreme Court threatening to close schools because a tiny piece of funding isn’t allocated as the Court prefers, or by legislators vowing to stand firm against judicial bullying.  In the meanwhile, almost a half million students are threatened with loss of their constitutional right to education and 70,000 school employees … Read More

Supreme Court contradicts itself, defies constitution in equity ruling

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The Kansas Supreme Court’s March 2014 ruling on school funding was a thoughtful, student-focused approach.  They said outcomes matter most in determining adequacy, all funding sources (including KPERS) should be considered and said the cost study upon which Montoy and the lower court’s Gannon rulings were based is “more akin to estimates” than certainties.  Since then, and certainly with their … Read More