Kansans want efficiency, no new taxes for schools

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Results of our March 2016 SurveyUSA Market Research Study include some very clear messages for legislators on a number of education issues, which will force them to choose between citizens and the institutional demands of special interests.  Local school boards and unions vehemently oppose efforts to make school districts operate efficiently, with efficiency defined as providing the same or better … Read More

Guest Post: Gannon Implications


Mike O’Neal is an attorney, former Speaker of the Kansas House and former chair of the House Education Committee. The views expressed here are his personal views and not of the Kansas Chamber, of which he is President and CEO. Media accounts of the recent Gannon decision have been predictable, albeit inaccurate. Reports that the Legislature’s block grant law is … Read More

Supreme Court ruling on equity creates challenges and opportunity

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The February 11 Supreme Court decision ruling declaring that two pieces of state aid are not equitably distributed creates some opportunities and challenges for the Legislature. One big opportunity is the development of a new method to equitably distribute capital outlay and supplemental general state aid (Local Option Budget equity) without necessarily spending a lot more money for the current year. The Court … Read More

Kansas school funding decision ignores facts in arriving at a political decision

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Today’s ruling on Gannon v. State of Kansas in which the Shawnee County District Court declared school funding to be unconstitutionally low ignores a long list of facts that disprove school districts’ contentions.  The three-judge panel may even have ignored the State Supreme Court’s order that adequacy is to be determined on whether outcomes – as defined by the Rose … Read More

A teacher’s perspective on Gannon

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Once again, the Kansas Supreme Court has made a ruling on public school financing. In the much anticipated Gannon case, last Friday the court ruled that certain aspects of public school funding in Kansas are unconstitutional. Many are asking a simple question in response to the decisions – Does this mean the legislature (through Kansas taxpayers) will be forced to … Read More

Reaction to Kansas Supreme Court Ruling on Gannon School Finance Case


By: Mike O’Neal, former Speaker of the House; President and CEO, The Kansas Chamber I’ve now had the opportunity to read the 110 page Gannon decision, released today. At the outset, I appreciate the fact that the court released its decision before the conclusion of the 2014 legislative session. Also, as an attorney, I appreciate the degree of scholarly legal … Read More

Kansas School Finance Ruling: a Circus of the Absurd

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The recent court ruling on school finance is so full of absurdities that it’s difficult to know where to begin, but let’s start with the fact that spending $597 million more annually will do little if anything to raise student achievement. Performance on independent national tests has remained unchanged for years, despite billions more in taxpayer aid. Less than half … Read More