• Kansas RELIEF Act can spur COVID Recovery

    Kansas RELIEF Act can spur COVID Recovery0

    The Kansas Senate recently passed a Kansas RELIEF Act which returns roughly $450 to $470 million to Kansans. Under a Balanced Budget Plan, the RELIEF Act can spur a statewide economic recovery from the COVID pandemic. The Kansas “Rebuilding Employers and Livelihoods: Investing in Everyone’s Future” or RELIEF Act has many provisions that focus on

  • Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession

    Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession0

    President Obama once publicly admitted that it is a bad idea to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. And yet, under an unprecedented COVID economic downturn, Gov. Kelly’s budget has not one, but two tax increases. These tax hikes financed a record-setting state budget, 29% bigger than in 2017. By contrast, the Governor

  • Comparing County Budgets to Address Shortfalls, Drive Efficiency, and Spur Opportunity0

    The public health and economic impacts of COVID-19 have severely affected county budgets. The pandemic has intensified an on-going storm; counties are losing populations, some areas have the highest effective property tax rates in the nation, and now, most county governments have budget shortfalls. But make no mistake – this is not evidence of a

  • A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection

    A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection0

    Kansas government is at a crossroads. One path leads to economic malaise, and an ever-increasing budget financed on the backs of those living paycheck to paycheck. Another path leads to a self-sustaining economy, where every tax dollar spent is knowingly tied to a public benefit. As Kansas lawmakers await and consider Governor Laura Kelly’s tax

  • Legislature could turn incoming fiscal shortfall into savings

    Legislature could turn incoming fiscal shortfall into savings0

    This month, state forecasters and legislative researchers announced a $119 million budget shortfall by the end of the fiscal year 2022. However, they failed to mention that closing the budget shortfall would leave the state with a zero-ending balance with no room for error. Come January 2021, Kansas policymakers have an opportunity to turn this

  • Reversing years of Kansas fiscal mismanagement

    Reversing years of Kansas fiscal mismanagement0

    It is needed now more than ever for the Kansas government to adjust its budget like many Kansas families and businesses are doing today. Kansans painfully adapted to life during the pandemic, but governments around the state have done little to no belt-tightening. With the state 2020 election behind us, Kansans must acknowledge that the