KC Star misleads again on Kansas economic growth

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A recent Kansas City Star editorial says that In the Kansas City area, jobs aren’t fleeing Missouri after Kansas tax cuts, but as is often the case, they set up a straw man argument (e.g., “fleeing” isn’t the issue) and make selective use of data to make their point. A conclusive analysis of the efficacy of tax reform will require many more … Read More

Business Perceptions of State & Local Government Regulations

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James Franko, Vice President and Policy Director of Kansas Policy Institute, talks about a newly-released study titled “Business Perceptions of the Economic Impact of State and Local Government Regulation.” The study, prepared for KPI by the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs at Wichita State University, collected and analyzed information about the perceptions and attitudes of businesses in the metro … Read More

Kansas beats Missouri in private sector job growth

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Revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Kansas had better private sector job growth in 2014 than neighboring states of Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Colorado was the only neighboring state that did better, as it has done for thirteen of the last sixteen years. Kansas also outperformed Iowa and Arkansas, both of which had job growth of … Read More

December Jobs Update

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December’s private-sector jobs numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are available, and they show some positive growth in Kansas. To echo previous blogs in this series, there is an obvious short-sighted limitation to looking at jobs numbers for a single month in 2014 and comparing them to that same month in 2013. Namely, the numbers for a given … Read More

November Jobs Update

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New private-sector jobs numbers for November from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that job growth in Kansas has returned to a growth rate in line with its pace for most of 2014 after the appearance of a growth surge in October. October’s update cautioned against assessing job growth in year-to-year, single-month snapshots for this very reason. Specifically, looking … Read More