• School budgets average $16,686 per pupil this year

    School budgets average $16,686 per pupil this year0

    Data published by the Kansas Department of Education show school budgets average $16,686 per student this year.  Actual spending for the 2021 school year was $15,869. A review of the 25 largest districts based on enrollment shows budgeted spending ranging from a low of around $12,000 for Andover to almost $24,000 for Geary County Schools. 

  • School budgets: savings opportunities abound

    School budgets: savings opportunities abound0

    Last week we explained why we believe education budgets shouldn’t be exempt from COVID budget cuts.  In short, there can be no ‘sacred cows’ when the state is facing upwards of a $1 billion budget deficit next year and K-12 consumes about half of General Fund spending. Today we’ll explore some of the many school