• School District Debt Exceeds $6 Billion

    School District Debt Exceeds $6 Billion0

    New data from the Department of Education shows outstanding school district debt set a new record at $6.1 billion last year.  The average debt per-pupil (only counting enrollment at districts with debt) is $14,715.  Total debt outstanding and the amount per-pupil for each district can be downloaded here at KansasOpenGov.org.  District-level reports on debt issued

  • Court: Legislature Should Resist Separation of Powers Violation

    Court: Legislature Should Resist Separation of Powers Violation0

    Legislators calling for a constitutional amendment to prevent courts from violating the separation of powers doctrine and ordering school funding increases are being scolded by media and the education lobby for failure to comply with the Supreme Court in Gannon.  But according to Kansas Supreme Court Justice Rosen’s opinion in Solomon v. State of Kansas,

  • 2018 State of the State Fails Students

    2018 State of the State Fails Students0

    In his 2018 State of the State address, Governor Brownback said Kansas cannot go down “…the primrose path of thinking that educational results can be forced by massive infusions of taxpayer money alone.”  And then he proposed doing exactly what he correctly said won’t work – giving local school boards $600 million more over five

  • Student Achievement Key to Future of Kansas, Not Money

    Student Achievement Key to Future of Kansas, Not Money0

    Dramatically better student achievement is key to the future of Kansas, but sadly, the education lobby and their taxpayer-funded lawyers believe money is what matters.  They want parents to believe that simply meeting their financial demands with huge tax increases will magically improve outcomes and they don’t let facts get in their way. A recent

  • Kansans Want Schools Held Accountable

    Kansans Want Schools Held Accountable0

    Kansans are sending a strong message to legislators as they prepare for next year’s school funding debates – hold schools accountable.  A statewide public opinion survey conducted by SurveyUSA on behalf of Kansas Policy Institute shows: 78 percent of registered voters say non-instruction services should be provided regionally, with the savings put into classrooms. 70

  • School Cash Reserves Nearly Triple State Budget Requirement

    School Cash Reserves Nearly Triple State Budget Requirement0

    State legislators are legally required to keep cash reserves equal to 7.5 percent of General Fund spending but the average Kansas school district had nearly three times that level – 19.3 percent – in reserve at the beginning of the 2017 school year.   That disparity should prompt considerable discussion in the upcoming legislative session.  A