2017 Public Education Fact Book

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KPI’s fifth annual Public Education Fact Book is a one-stop shop for data on public school information from The Sunflower State. Numerous scientific surveys show that citizens are grossly misinformed on many pertinent facts of public education in Kansas. Aid and spending per-pupil are much higher than many Kansans believe, and student achievement is lower than understood. This fact book … Read More

Most Kansas legislators won’t declare their principles

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Lots of declarations are made on the campaign trail and town hall meetings, but when asked to declare their principles on key state budget and education issues, most Kansas legislators wouldn’t respond. Kansas Policy Institute asked all 165 Kansas legislators to respond to a 6-question multiple choice online survey between January 13 and January 30 but only 34 responded; some … Read More

School funding formula must start from scratch

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Some school officials and legislators may be planning to modify the old school funding formula rather than write a brand new formula in 2017. But if they do, it likely would be found unconstitutional. The Kansas Supreme Court says adequacy of funding “is met when the public education financing system provided by the Legislature for grades K-12 – through structure … Read More

KC Star scores media bias trifecta

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The Kansas City Star rang in the New Year with a media bias trifecta in their relentless push for higher taxes and more government spending.  They withheld information that contradicts claims made in the story, chose not to interview anyone who doesn’t believe school funding should increase and they threw in a false claim for good measure. The poverty issues … Read More

Legislative leadership moving Left in Kansas

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Legislative leadership teams will lean more to the Left in 2017, favoring higher taxes and less economic and personal freedom based on the Lifetime Kansas Freedom Index scores for the House and Senate.  The 2016 House leadership team had a lifetime average score of 67 percent, with 50 percent being a ‘neutral’ score (voting equally for and against freedom issues).  … Read More

Education spending and KASB’s government entitlement mentality: Part 4

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In the first three installments of this series, KPI has thoroughly debunked the Kansas Association of School Boards cry for higher taxes based on what they call “declining investment in school funding.” In Part 1, Dave Trabert challenged KASB’s position that government, specifically schools in this case, has an inherent right to a given percentage of personal income. In Part … Read More

Public education funding and a government entitlement mentality – Part 3

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The Kansas Association of School Boards claims lagging tax revenues have led to “declining investment in school funding,” which is a euphemism for “we’re not getting all the money we want.” That’s the theme of the next installment of their 3-part essay, a trilogy that sets out to make the case for a tax increase in order to funnel more … Read More

Media’s hypocritical tizzy over fake news

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Fake news stories on the presidential election outperformed real news on Facebook according to a story recently published by online news site BuzzFeed and mainstream media, including CBS News, jumped all over it.  Even President Obama chimed in, saying that fake news “threatens democracy;” apparently saying “you can keep your doctor if you want” doesn’t count as ‘fake news.’  The Washington … Read More

Government’s Entitlement Mentality – Part 2

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Government efforts to justify higher taxes while already spending more than necessary to provide essential services amounts to a direct assault on individuals’ economic freedom, and that’s what the Kansas Association of School Boards did last week.  The first installment of their three-part series attempted to make the case that Kansas’ personal income is growing slower than the national average, … Read More

Oral arguments in Gannon – a case of the misguided, misinformed and a missed opportunity

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The oral argument phase of the Gannon adequacy case before the Kansas Supreme Court was a real head-scratcher.  The two-hour back-and-forth between justices and attorneys provided little confidence that the Court will finally do the right thing and dismiss the case. This examination will analyze the arguments of both attorneys and the queries and comments of the judges to show … Read More