• Small businesses re-plummet despite state economic planning

    Small businesses re-plummet despite state economic planning0

    To state the obvious, the Kansas state government blew the chance for a 2020 V-shaped economic recovery.  Despite evidence small business activity leads to a strong economy, state officials seem determined to undermine this engine of economic opportunity. Now, new data reveals the state’s anti-small business sentiment caused small business openings to re-plummet and extend

  • STAR Bonds redirect jobs, not create them

    STAR Bonds redirect jobs, not create them0

    As Kansas desperately searches for ways to pull itself out of the COVID-19 depression, policymakers will undoubtedly consider economic development tools as an answer. Kansas Sales Tax Anticipation Revenue Bonds, or STAR Bonds, are some of the most notable tools at the disposal of state and local governments. However, the latest research suggests that policymakers

  • Gov. Kelly plays politics with federal unemployment relief0

    Gov. Kelly announced last week that she won’t consider temporary federal unemployment relief as stalled congressional COVID negotiations. In response to President Trump issuing his own executive orders, the Governor’s announced her own executive action on COVID and her changing COVID  economic response. Such actions strongly suggest she’d rather paper over the faults of her administration than