economic freedom

An informed citizenry is an essential element of maintaining a free society. Having a deeper understanding of how legislation impacts education freedom, economic freedom and the constitutional principles of individual liberty and limited government allows citizens to better understand the known and often unknown consequences of legislative issues.

The Freedom Index is intended to provide educational information to the public about broad economic and education issues that are important to the citizens of our State. It is the product of nonpartisan analysis, study, and research and is not intended to directly or indirectly endorse or oppose any candidate for public office.

Economic freedom and student-focused education are not partisan issues. Indeed, each version of the Kansas Freedom Index has shown that quite clearly. Legislators registered as Republicans represented at least 70 percent of all House members and all Senate members since 2012. Those counts would produce fairly strong results one way or the other if economic freedom was a partisan issue, but instead, the overall score of both chambers was very near neutral.

It is not about party affiliations or labels like liberal, moderate or conservative. Rather, it is about a philosophical belief in the role of government. The filters are not ‘D’ and ‘R’, but ‘E,’ ‘L’ and ‘C’. Some citizens have a strong philosophical belief in an Expanding government, while others are grounded in a strong philosophical belief in Limited government. And there are some citizens for whom the primary litmus test is more Circumstantial rather than a strong philosophical belief about the role of government. Government also is the dividing line on education issues. Debates on school choice issues, for example, often come down to whether the interests of individual students or school districts should prevail.

2018 Freedom Index

The final 2018 Kansas Freedom Index is now complete and searchable below. The votes captured, their weightings, and overall scores may be different than scores offered throughout the preliminary KFI updated during the course of the 2018 legislative session. The 2018 KFI reflects the nonpartisan analysis used to compile the Index, as described at the link below.

Click here for a full methodological explanation of the Kansas Freedom Index and to view the scores from prior legislative sessions.