Kansans need to understand the issues before they can be expected to offer an informed opinion about a challenge facing the state. Unfortunately, many public opinion surveys simply ask for an opinion with little done to ensure that it is informed or fact-based.

SurveyUSA is a national polling firm that has been utilized by KWCH-TV in Wichita and KCTV-5 in Kansas City. KPI partners with SurveyUSA for our statewide polling. The firm also was the only polling outfit to receive an “A” grade from political numbers guru Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight for their work through the teeth of the 2016 election season. FiveThirtyEight updated their rankings in May 2018 and SurveyUSA maintained their “A”. The polls survey 500+ Kansans from across the state. Click here for a full explanation of the methodology or to learn more about SurveyUSA.

Beginning in April 2018, KPI also partnered with Cor Strategies to conduct in-district policy polls around the state. These smaller polls aim to provide a better understanding of policy questions in specific parts of the state.

Polling History

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Good decisions can only be made based on accurate information and this projects clearly shows that everyone from the media, elected officials, school districts, and KPI have to work harder to give Kansans the facts so they can accurately inform government on what they would like to see done with their tax dollars.