• Over 3,778 KPERS Millionaires in 2022

    Over 3,778 KPERS Millionaires in 20220

    In 2022, Kansas had 3,778 KPERS “Millionaires.” That is, someone who has collected at least $1 million from the Kansas retirement system in their first 20 years of retirement. Information on these millionaires, as well as all 2022 pension payments and 2022 payrolls, can be found on KansasOpenGov.org. The top-earning millionaire was a former employee

  • What does ESG mean for Kansas?

    What does ESG mean for Kansas?0

    At the World Economic Forum in Davos this month, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said that ESG standards were necessary to “align capitalism with what society wants from it.” But this vision of social change is not as efficient as its proponents claim and pose threats to transparency and government overreach from DC to