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School districts budget large spending increases this year

Our review of school districts’ budgets for the current school year revealed some very interesting information.  Seventy-seven districts are planning double-digit spending increases on Administration.  The unweighted average increase on Instruction is 10 percent.  We also found that 122 districts plan a larger increase on Administration spending than on Instruction.

You can download an Excel file here listing total budgeted per-pupil spending by district and actual total spending for the previous two years.  The file also shows the percentage change budgeted for Total, Instruction and Administration spending.

Here is a sampling of district budgets, taken from their Budget at a Glance reports.  Note that each of plaintiff districts (Wichita, Hutchinson, Dodge City and Kansas City) in the school funding lawsuit is budgeting a double-digit increase in Administration.schooldistrictbudgetFY2015