• Excess tax collections are not good for taxpayers

    Excess tax collections are not good for taxpayers0

    Governor Laura Kelly is heralding tax collections exceeding expectations as a sign of “forward momentum” in the state’s economy, but that is a government-focused viewpoint.  The economic data tells a different story for taxpayers. In July 2022, the state of Kansas took in a total tax revenue of $586.2 million, 27.8% greater than the estimates

  • March 2022 Kansas Job Stagnation

    March 2022 Kansas Job Stagnation0

    The March Labor Report from the Kansas Department of Labor shows Kansas lost 1,800 private-sector jobs and continues its post-COVID-10 stagnation. This represents a monthly job growth rate of -0.2%, which is the first month of negative growth since September 2021. At the same growth rate that Kansas has experienced since the start of 2021,