• Kelly’s K-12 budget plan favors government over taxpayers

    Kelly’s K-12 budget plan favors government over taxpayers0

    When Governor Kelly signed the school funding bill in 2019, she knew it would create large budget deficits within two years.  One highly placed source asked her what she would do if the state ran short of money, and she replied, “Well if we can’t afford it, I’ll just tell the court we can’t afford

  • School budgets: savings opportunities abound

    School budgets: savings opportunities abound0

    Last week we explained why we believe education budgets shouldn’t be exempt from COVID budget cuts.  In short, there can be no ‘sacred cows’ when the state is facing upwards of a $1 billion budget deficit next year and K-12 consumes about half of General Fund spending. Today we’ll explore some of the many school