• The real cost of Government “free stuff”

    The real cost of Government “free stuff”0

    It is natural to want to wish away all the hardships and obstacles we face in life. Unfortunately, we know that life does not work out that way. There’s a cost for every decision we make. It applies to politics as well. President Biden & Governor Kelly believe a $1.9 trillion plan will do just

  • Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession

    Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession0

    President Obama once publicly admitted that it is a bad idea to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. And yet, under an unprecedented COVID economic downturn, Gov. Kelly’s budget has not one, but two tax increases. These tax hikes financed a record-setting state budget, 29% bigger than in 2017. By contrast, the Governor

  • As COVID-19 triggers financial hardship, Gov. Kelly spares government the pain

    As COVID-19 triggers financial hardship, Gov. Kelly spares government the pain0

    COVID-19 and government orders continue to wreak havoc on Kansans’ livelihood and finances. Under an economic recession, the state government should feel the pain as well. However, with a looming $1.5 billion state budget shortfall, Gov. Kelly refuses to balance the budget. Instead, her latest plan intends to skip debt payments, push spending into the

  • Kansas is Top Ten in the wrong education categories

    Kansas is Top Ten in the wrong education categories0

    The Kansas Association of School Boards falsely claims Kansas is in the top ten for student achievement, but Kansas does have some top ten rankings – and they’re in all the wrong categories.  Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2016 school year shows: –Kansas has the 2nd highest growth rate in cash

  • School District Debt Exceeds $6 Billion0

    New data from the Department of Education shows outstanding school district debt set a new record at $6.1 billion last year.  The average debt per-pupil (only counting enrollment at districts with debt) is $14,715.  Total debt outstanding and the amount per-pupil for each district can be downloaded here at KansasOpenGov.org.  District-level reports on debt issued

  • $11 Billion School Debt Exceeds State Debt0

    Given media and legislative hyperventilation over state debt levels, one would never know that Kansas’ 286 school districts are deeper in hock than the State of Kansas and its component units (universities, turnpike authority, etc.).  School districts set a new record last year of $5.56 billion in bonded indebtedness and they also have $5.4 billion