• Kansas families are losing $8,700 annually from inflation

    Kansas families are losing $8,700 annually from inflation0

    Trillions in government spending and a supply chain crisis stemming from factors like energy production restrictions and businesses closed during COVID-19 lockdowns are costing Kansas families $8,700 annually in higher costs for food, energy, transportation, and housing due to inflation. The estimated annual cost comes from the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and estimates inflation rates

  • Cheap, Clean Energy Isn’t An Oxymoron

    Cheap, Clean Energy Isn’t An Oxymoron0

    The current inflation crisis is a stark reminder to legislators that affordability and cost-of-living can’t be ignored in favor of other policy concerns. Similarly, as Kansas and the rest of the country continues to diversify its energy portfolio, legislators need to remember that there are a multitude of free market, pro-innovation policies toward clean energy