• Cutting Red Tape in Kansas

    Cutting Red Tape in Kansas0

    Kansas’ 72,645 regulatory restrictions consist of 3.3 million words, which would take the average person 185 hours to read completely. The Mercatus Center’s new study Cutting Red Tape in Kansas: A Menu of Options outlines Kansas’ current position as a regulatory environment and what new directions the state could take to being an even more

  • October 2021 Jobs: Slow Growth Amidst High Inflation

    October 2021 Jobs: Slow Growth Amidst High Inflation0

    The October jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Kansas gained 2,500 private-sector jobs. Unfortunately, this continues a trend of slowing job growth across the state. Since July, the monthly job growth rate has gone from .4% to .3% in August and September to .2% in October. If this sluggish growth rate continues,