• Combating inflation at the state level

    Combating inflation at the state level0

    Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by 1,000 points after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicated that interest rates would remain high to fight inflation. Kansans don’t need to be told that inflation is rampant as prices this July were 8.6% higher than what they were last year. Much of the broader causes

  • Kansas Legislation Guarantees Right to Work for Eyebrow Threaders

    Kansas Legislation Guarantees Right to Work for Eyebrow Threaders0

    Yesterday, Senate Bill 348 passed the Kansas House by a 110-10 margin. The bill, which, changed slightly from when it passed the Senate to the version just passed in the House and has yet to be enacted, exempts hair threaders from cosmetology licensing conditions, including 1,000 hours of training that can run to over $15,000.

  • Rethinking Regulatory Oversight with SCR 1618

    Rethinking Regulatory Oversight with SCR 16180

    This week, the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing SCR 1618, which would establish greater legislative oversight regarding executive branch regulations. This bill is a solid step towards healthy regulatory reform that will make Kansas more competitive and provide new opportunities for Kansas families. The constitutional amendment would allow the Kansas legislature to “establish procedures

  • Streamlining State Regulations

    Streamlining State Regulations0

    Minimizing the burden on the economy of regulations is just as much a goal for the government as having healthy taxes or responsible spending. What’s more, the regulatory regime should be something upon which bipartisan support can be found. Very few people want burdensome regulations but the devil is in the details about how to