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Streamlining State Regulations

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Minimizing the burden on the economy of regulations is just as much a goal for the government as having healthy taxes or responsible spending. What’s more, the regulatory regime should be something upon which bipartisan support can be found. Very few people want burdensome regulations but the devil is in the details about how to implement proper regulations in a straightforward way. Regulations create costs in the form of licenses, permits, building requirements, standards, and certainly make it more expensive to start a business. They could outright bar a new entrepreneur from pursuing their goals if their ideas don’t fit in with what current regulations encompass or allow. Similarly, they could limit the entry in a market of new competitors or employees, creating an advantage for existing companies trying to preserve their “place in the sun.” How the government pursues regulatory policy affects fairness and opportunity from the locally owned business to the largest company in the state.

A healthy regulatory environment is one in which regulations accomplish the intended goals while at the same time not placing a burden on the customers and businesses who deal with them.  This means having a system that can filter outdated regulations, removes barriers for potential businesses, and overall minimizes the size and scope of government on business.

To outline some ideas on how Kansas can create a healthy regulatory environment, Kansas Policy Institute has produced the Streamlining State Regulations –  A Review of Legislative Proposals. This report reviews modern policies such as regulatory sandboxes, occupational licensing reform, and local regulatory frameworks which have decreased regulatory burdens in other states and could create new opportunities in Kansas. You can read it below.

KPI-PB-State Regulations