• 5 things you need to know about K-12 education

    5 things you need to know about K-12 education0

    Educational opportunities in Kansas can be amongst the best in the nation if we focus on students, learn from the example of states like Florida, and move past the partial truths and talking points of “supporting public schools.” Since much of what has been written about K-12 education is either misleading or simply not true, Kansas

  • Building-level spending disproves ‘spending drives achievement’ theory

    Building-level spending disproves ‘spending drives achievement’ theory0

    Of the five high schools in USD 500 Kansas City, the one that spends the least amount per-pupil has the highest scores on the state assessment test.  Each school has high levels of economically challenged students, but one school earns a ‘B’ for its state assessment results and the other four get an ‘F.’ Spending

  • A-F Grading Comes to Kansas

    A-F Grading Comes to Kansas0

    It’s been too hard, for too long for parents to understand exactly how their child’s school is performing. Every state has a “Report Card” system that provides information on student performance, demographics, attendance rates and other related data regarding public schools. Most state systems, including Kansas, use ‘fuzzy’ labels like ‘approaching standard’ or ‘Level 1’