• In one month, 25,000 Kansans quit job hunting

    In one month, 25,000 Kansans quit job hunting0

    The Kansas labor market is in dire straits. According to the September jobs report, the state lost private-sector jobs. To make matters worse, 25,000 Kansans left the labor force stopping their job hunt altogether. The state’s new unemployment rate appears lower but is not moving in the right direction. After losing 124,000 private-sector jobs in

  • COVID Survey: Small businesses fighting for survival in Kansas

    COVID Survey: Small businesses fighting for survival in Kansas0

    “Exhausting financial resources before I can revive my business” “Customers are too scared to come out of their house” “Employees are not going to work because they can make more money on unemployment” These quotes from small business owners show their extreme frustration operating in today’s COVID environment. Findings from a COVID survey reveal many

  • Government policy Kansans need to combat COVID-19

    Government policy Kansans need to combat COVID-190

    There’s been a flurry of government action to keep up with the rapidly changing COVID-19 outbreak. Action is certainly needed and great care should be taken to balance stopping the spread of the virus while limiting lasting negative economic or constitutional impacts. Governor Kelly has already taken some steps towards that end such as and

  • Kansas media spins job growth

    Kansas media spins job growth0

    Kansas is on track to gain fewer than 4,000 private sector jobs this year. For context, that is the 2nd slowest yearly growth since The Great Recession ended in 2009. What’s worse, is that most Kansans media outlets willfully ignore this fact.  Instead, since Governor Kelly has been in office, the media reports rosy and

  • Kansas Regulations Stifle Competition and Burden Families

    Kansas Regulations Stifle Competition and Burden Families0

    Government plays many roles in helping Americans pursue their interests and achieve the American Dream. One such role is balancing business regulations to ensure consumer safety while still encouraging entrepreneurship. Unfortunately for Kansas, it takes four and a half weeks (180 full-time hours) to read all business regulations and restrictions. Fortunately, this burden pales in

  • KPI acquires The Sentinel

    KPI acquires The Sentinel0

    After two years of operating as an independent entity, The Sentinel has become a subsidiary of Kansas Policy Institute.  Additional resources and editorial guidance from KPI will enhance The Sentinel’s ability to hold government and media accountable in Kansas, with expanded coverage of local government issues. Jack Cashill will continue his association with The Sentinel