• Stagnation continues in the Kansas economy with tax & spend mentality

    Stagnation continues in the Kansas economy with tax & spend mentality0

    Contrary to what you may hear from the state’s major newspapers and TV stations, the Kansas economy isn’t doing very well.  It’s not a secret – the public data clearly shows Kansas trailing the nation in jobs and other measures of economic growth – so ignoring the negative economic news is a conscious decision. WeREAD MORE
  • Cheap, Clean Energy Isn’t An Oxymoron

    Cheap, Clean Energy Isn’t An Oxymoron0

    The current inflation crisis is a stark reminder to legislators that affordability and cost-of-living can’t be ignored in favor of other policy concerns. Similarly, as Kansas and the rest of the country continues to diversify its energy portfolio, legislators need to remember that there are a multitude of free market, pro-innovation policies toward clean energy

  • Cutting Red Tape in Kansas

    Cutting Red Tape in Kansas0

    Kansas’ 72,645 regulatory restrictions consist of 3.3 million words, which would take the average person 185 hours to read completely. The Mercatus Center’s new study Cutting Red Tape in Kansas: A Menu of Options outlines Kansas’ current position as a regulatory environment and what new directions the state could take to being an even more