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Kansas School Board Resource Center welcomes new talent

The Kansas School Board Resource Center (KSBRC, a subsidiary of Kansas Policy Institute), continues to grow and engage strategically with school boards across Kansas. In its inaugural year, KSBRC hosted events and workshops that provided critical information to support school board efforts to improve student achievement.

Many  school board members and concerned Kansas families are coming face-to-face with the reality that despite record-setting funding that exceeds $17,000 per student, one-third of students are below grade level in reading and math. The Kansas School Board Resource Center helps school board members prioritize students needs over the interests of the education system, and its services are offered at no charge.

In response to growing demand for assistance, KSBRC is pleased to add Tracy Frederick, Ph.D to the staff. Tracy is an educator who has the experience and passion for supporting the mission of KSBRC. In the new role of Director of Engagement and Strategy for KSBRC, Tracy will serve as the strategic thought partner to Ward Cassidy, Executive Director, creating engagement and outreach strategies in support of the KSBRC mission – helping school boards to be effective advocates for students and improve academic outcomes. Her background and experiences will also serve as a support and resource for boards involved strategic planning processes, budget assessment and fiscal allocation, staff evaluation and assessments, board onboarding and development and board policy, accreditation, risk assessment, and communication.

Tracy lives in Arkansas City, Kansas, where she began her career as public school educator over three decades ago. Her career has included serving students in Kansas as a public school teacher, community college instructor, college professor and administrator. She served on district-wide curriculum design teams, school effectiveness task force committees, elected faculty leader, accreditation and compliance officer, budget manager,  oversight of institutional effectiveness, implementation of student success initiatives, evaluation and assessment of staff, faculty, and administration, recruiting and hiring administration, staff and faculty positions, and serving as board liaison and board development officer.

Tracy began her career teaching freshman English, and students that were struggling academically. Teaching basic courses and academically challenged students is where she developed her understanding that upholding high academic standards and providing instruction that creates the opportunity for students to achieve those standards creates academic success.

“Being a teacher, an educator, is not just what I have done, it isn’t just what I do – it is who I am,” Tracy says. “I believe that our ability to affect change and create a better future is fundamentally tied to the excellent educational opportunities we provide our children. I have watched our expectations for excellence and our standards decline and student academic achievement decline as a result. The two are inextricably connected.”

“I am proud to join the Kansas School Board Resource Center team, partner with Ward Cassidy and Kansas school board members to continue the great work KSBRC as accomplished to refocused energy, resources, and academic instruction to student academic success. As a life-long educator, this is the perfect opportunity for me to support boards who are ready to support student academic achievement, understanding that students can, and students will, if given the expectation and chance to excel.”

Tracy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Education, a Master’s Degree in Communication, and a Doctorate in Communication. In her spare time, you will find Tracy enjoying time with her husband, children, and especially her grandchildren, or in her shop refinishing and restoring furniture.