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  • KPI releases 2019 Green Book

    KPI releases 2019 Green Book0

    While comparing economic activity among the 50 states one glaring fact sifts through amid the details:  States that spend less, tax less…and they have better economic performance. Each year in what we call the Green Book, KPI explores the relationship between economic growth and the size of government. Why do some state economies do better than

  • Is more money helping Kansas students?

    Is more money helping Kansas students?0

    There’s a lot of disagreement right now in the Kansas legislature about K-12 education in Kansas. Funding set a record last year at $13,600 per-pupil, and another billion dollar increase is planned. Governor Laura Kelly says schools still need more money while others, like Senate President Susan Wagle, say decades of school litigation and costly

  • The Achievement Challenge: Solving the K-12 Puzzle

    The Achievement Challenge: Solving the K-12 Puzzle0

    Thousands of Kansas students each year are falling behind, and a false sense of high achievement is a tremendous barrier to getting them the help they need. The Kansas public education system spent $13,620 per student in 2017-18, setting another record. Since 2000, overall spending on K-12 education has increased by 75.4%, far outpacing inflation

  • Creating a better economy for Kansas

    Creating a better economy for Kansas0

    Choosing Freedom with Dave Trabert is an initiative of Kansas Policy Institute, and airs weekly on multiple stations across the State. Choosing Freedom covers the most pressing issues impacting our personal freedoms in Kansas. Kansas is in its fourth consecutive decade of economic stagnation, with job creation and economic growth falling farther behind the national average, and more