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  • Gov. Kelly’s decision to waive regulations amid COVID-19 will help

    Gov. Kelly’s decision to waive regulations amid COVID-19 will help0

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 23, 2020 Today, Kansas Policy Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization commends Kansas Governor Laura Kelly for her role in waiving regulations during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, KPI applauds Governor Kelly in the decision to waive regulations which kept out-of-state doctors from providing services to Kansans, expediting emergency licenses

  • KPI releases A-F Grading for Kansas schools

    KPI releases A-F Grading for Kansas schools0

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2020 – Wichita – Kansas Policy Institute releases A-F Grading of Kansas schools for school year 2018-2019. A-F Grading places a letter grade on the existing Kansas State Department of Education definitions stemming from state assessment exams. The A-F Grading for Kansas Schools uses state assessment data generated by the

  • Who is Mark Janus?

    Who is Mark Janus?0

    This week, Mark Janus is visiting the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka to share his story. On June 27, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case, Janus v. AFSCME, that every public worker has a constitutional right to resign from a union whenever they want. Mark was a State of Illinois employee who disagreed

  • KPI releases 2019 Green Book

    KPI releases 2019 Green Book0

    While comparing economic activity among the 50 states one glaring fact sifts through amid the details:  States that spend less, tax less…and they have better economic performance. Each year in what we call the Green Book, KPI explores the relationship between economic growth and the size of government. Why do some state economies do better than