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What’s the true state of education in Kansas?

What’s the true state of education in Kansas? Find out by listening to this week’s episode of Choosing Freedom

Choosing Freedom with Dave Trabert is an initiative of Kansas Policy Institute, and airs weekly on multiple stations across the State. Choosing Freedom covers the most pressing issues impacting our personal freedoms in Kansas.

Everyone naturally wants to believe that schools in Kansas are producing good results, but what’s the true state of student achievement? And if achievement levels aren’t where they should be, is more money the answer? If not, what steps can be taken to drive improvement?

Listen as our guest Dr. Benjamin Scafidi, professor of economics and Friedman Fellow with EdChoice, gives accurate insight on how Kansas compares nationally on student achievement. Also, guest David Dorsey, a former Kansas school teacher who is now a Senior Education Policy Fellow with Kansas Policy Institute and former school teacher, shares his experience.

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