• Green Book 2020: Gov. Kelly Vetoes Relief From Nation’s Highest Property Tax Rate

    Green Book 2020: Gov. Kelly Vetoes Relief From Nation’s Highest Property Tax Rate0

    With school closures, businesses shuttered for months, and inconsistent unemployment relief, Kansans’ well-being is in serious trouble. Governor Kelly’s history of denying Kansans tax relief and most recent action to veto the legislature overwhelming approval of property tax relief will only make matters worse. Our 2020 Green Book summarizes what 20+ years of Governor Kelly-like

  • KPI releases 2019 Green Book

    KPI releases 2019 Green Book0

    While comparing economic activity among the 50 states one glaring fact sifts through amid the details:  States that spend less, tax less…and they have better economic performance. Each year in what we call the Green Book, KPI explores the relationship between economic growth and the size of government. Why do some state economies do better than

  • KPI acquires The Sentinel

    KPI acquires The Sentinel0

    After two years of operating as an independent entity, The Sentinel has become a subsidiary of Kansas Policy Institute.  Additional resources and editorial guidance from KPI will enhance The Sentinel’s ability to hold government and media accountable in Kansas, with expanded coverage of local government issues. Jack Cashill will continue his association with The Sentinel

  • 2018 Voter Issue Guide

    2018 Voter Issue Guide0

    Whoever is elected governor and to the Kansas House of Representatives this fall will face some very serious issues come January. Kansas Policy Institute does not support or oppose candidates for public office, but we do provide educational information to the public about key economic and education issues facing Kansans.  Our 2018 Voter Issue Guide

  • 2018 Greenbook

    2018 Greenbook0

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis saw states as “laboratories of democracy” conducting “experiments” in public policy. Today, more than eight decades after Brandeis coined the phrase, state experimentation with tax policy makes it abundantly clear that tax policy has a direct impact on economic growth. As shown on page 27 for the 2018 Greenbook,

  • What was Really the Matter with the Kansas Tax Plan

    What was Really the Matter with the Kansas Tax Plan0

    Tax relief opponents have repeatedly pointed to the 2012 Kansas tax experiment as their primary example of why tax cuts do not work. But, other states like North Carolina, Indiana, and Tennessee contemporaneously, and successfully, cut taxes. What was different about the Kansas experience? Kansas has had high taxes and slow growth for fifty years.