• Politics Too Often Trumps Policy in Topeka

    Politics Too Often Trumps Policy in Topeka0

    Between memories of “I’m Just a Bill” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” we all have visions of how the legislative process is supposed to look. Soaring rhetoric and epic clashes of statesmen, and women, doing battle over the issues of the day. The slow, deliberative process of a bill going from the committee, to

  • Even by KASB standards, school operating spending is $3.9 billion ahead of inflation0

    A recent blog post by the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) Associate Executive Director Mark Tallman says “Total school district funding is, in fact, at an all-time high, expected to top $6.1 billion this year” but “…the part of school funding available for day-to-day operating costs is not keeping up with inflation and enrollment.” There are

  • Government Transparency Round Table Discussion

    Government Transparency Round Table Discussion0

    Kansas Policy Institute Vice President James Franko discusses government transparency with Seth Etter and Bob Weeks. Etter is the organizer of Open Wichita, an initiative to bring the benefits of open data and civic hacking to Wichita. Weeks blogs at Voice for Liberty in Wichita where he advocates for government transparency and accountability and uses

  • 2015 Legislative Wrap-up

    2015 Legislative Wrap-up0

    Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert summarizes the major accomplishments of the 2015 Kansas Legislature including changes to: K-12 school funding, renewable energy mandates, tax credit scholarships, property tax reform and avoidance of Medicaid expansion.

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    Patrick Parkes talks about KansasOpenGov.org, an online government data and spending transparency initiative operated by the Kansas Policy Institute. The site allows anyone to see and compare data on state and local government in Kansas. Parkes is a fiscal policy analyst with KPI

  • Representative Pompeo on Reining in the Federal Government

    Representative Pompeo on Reining in the Federal Government0

    Rep. Mike Pompeo, representing the 4th District of Kansas, shares the highlights of his speech at the annual dinner of the Kansas Policy Institute.