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Gov. Kelly’s decision to waive regulations amid COVID-19 will help


March 23, 2020

Today, Kansas Policy Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization commends Kansas Governor Laura Kelly for her role in waiving regulations during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Specifically, KPI applauds Governor Kelly in the decision to waive regulations which kept out-of-state doctors from providing services to Kansans, expediting emergency licenses to enable more healthcare workers to be available during this crisis, and lifting burdensome regulations that made it harder to obtain needed supplies.

James Franko, president of KPI, says, “We congratulate Gov. Kelly. We must continue to look at principles that we know work – it will not be easy to address all of the unmet healthcare workforce needs – but these commonsense approaches that significantly lessen regulatory barriers on our excellent healthcare professionals is a really good place to start.”

It is Kansas Policy Institute’s position that removing occupational licensing restrictions will make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Kansans, especially those living in under-served areas.

Dave Trabert, CEO of KPI, remarks, “We encourage her to remove similar barriers for nurses, not just doctors, and other healthcare professionals now and into the future.”

“Allowing doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist assistants, and all other healthcare professionals licensed in other states to practice without having to get a state license can be an important life-saving measure that would improve access to healthcare in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.”, concludes Trabert.


Contact: Ellen Hathaway, Communications Director of Kansas Policy Institute; (316) 634-0218 or [email protected]