Pass-Through Exemption Helped Add 18,000 jobs in 2015

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The pass-through exemption for LLCs, Sub-S corps, partnerships and proprietors helped add over 18,000 new jobs in 2015 while all other private employers had small declines.  New U.S. Census data shows employment at pass-through entities increased by almost 4 percent while the other major category – C-corps – declined by a half percent.   Kansas was far behind the national average … Read More

Local Gov’t. Threatens Citizens over Property Tax Lid

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A property tax lid passed last year will allow Kansans to begin voting later this year on whether, with many exceptions, city and county property taxes should increase by more than the rate of inflation.  Citizens overwhelming support the right to vote but local government doesn’t want citizens meddling in their business.  Cities and counties are asking legislators to strip … Read More

PEAK subsidy costs Kansas $48.5 million annually

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Many Democrats and Republicans in the Kansas Legislature are pushing for a very large personal income tax increase as the primary method of balancing the budget over the next two years, but they’ve shown little interest in stopping most of the special tax breaks they give to select businesses and government retirees.  The PEAK subsidy (Promoting Employment Across Kansas) is … Read More

States that Spend Less, Tax Less…and Grow More

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The correlation is as strong today as when published in the Wall Street Journal back in 2012: states that spend less, tax less…and grow more. Data collected from various government agencies and compiled in KPI’s 2017 Green Book show the states that tax income spent 42 percent more per-resident in 2015 than the states without an income tax.  Alternatively, the ten … Read More

Fake news in Kansas promotes political agenda

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An editorial in the Wichita Eagle reminded me that it’s been awhile since I wrote about fake news in Kansas, and there’s a lot.  The Eagle editorial bemoaned a loss of 400 jobs in February but failed to disclose that private sector employment set a new record!  The Bureau of Labor Statistics data comparing February 2016 to February 2017 shows Kansas … Read More

2016 State Payroll 3% Above 2013 Level

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The 2016 state payroll totals reflect a 2.4 percent decline from the record set in 2015 but total pay is still 2.9 percent higher than the 2013 level. The Kansas Turnpike Authority reported a 3.4 percent pay increase for 2016 but state universities and other state agencies had small declines.  Compared to 2013 levels, however, state university pay is still … Read More

City and County Payroll Provides Property Tax Insight

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Newly published city and county payroll listings help explain why property taxes doubled, tripled or even quadrupled over the last nineteen years.  Total pay for the nine counties and ten cities published on exceeds $1 billion, with 756 employees collecting more than $100,000 last year. City and county payroll excludes benefits but does count bonuses and other forms of pay, … Read More

Property Tax Hikes Continue

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Double-digit 2016 property tax hikes were not uncommon in Kansas.  Department of Revenue data shows 23 counties and 4 of the twenty-five largest cities increased their property tax by 10 percent or more last year.  Another 30 counties and 8 large cities increased their property tax between 5 percent and 10 percent.  Inflation meanwhile was less than 1 percent for … Read More

Kansas Private Sector Jobs Grew in 2016

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New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show 9,100 private sector jobs were added in Kansas last year.[i]  Preliminary reports showed Kansas with small job losses last year but BLS updates prior years’ data each March, and now shows Kansas with a small gain. While growth was positive, the annual growth rate of 0.8% was suppressed by ongoing economic … Read More

Better Together PSA

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Listen below to the Better Together PSA by clicking below. IMAGINE THE GREAT STATE OF KANSAS AS A LEADER IN JOB GROWTH, EDUCATION, AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We believe this dream can become reality. And the first step is Kansans such as yourselves reaching out to friends and family about what we need from our elected leaders.   Click here to … Read More