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Press Release: Time to help our businesses recover

April 30 –  As Kansas Governor Laura Kelly releases her plan for reopening the state’s economy, many are concerned about the restrictions that will still be in place for many small businesses, individuals, and other organizations.

Arbitrary government decisions on who and what is essential have led to a 42% decline in the number of local businesses open since the beginning of the year, and there are 37% fewer hourly employees working.

James Franko, president of Kansas Policy Institute, says, “Kansans have voluntarily rallied to stay safe in the last two months and can be trusted to continue that while resuming economic and civic life. We’re glad the worst-case COVID scenario hasn’t been realized and believe the state is ready to emerge from this ‘quarantine.'”

The governor’s state of emergency runs out on Friday, and her stay-at-home order, which was imposed to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the general population, runs out at midnight on Sunday.

Recently released data demonstrates the urgency of reopening our businesses for the survival of many small employers in Kansas, who also account for the majority of employment.

“Further county or state orders should not be one-size-fits-none but must be reasonable, narrow, and constitutionally appropriate. We look forward to working with individual Kansans and government officials to ensure civil liberties are protected,” says Franko. 

Kansas Policy Institute will work with elected officials on the challenges ahead by striving to implement a 40-point COVID Economic Recovery Plan.



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 Communications Director at Kansas Policy Institute


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