Kansas Legislature Lifetime Freedom Index Released

Dave TrabertResearch, Tax & Spending

Kansas Policy Institute’s 2017 Lifetime Freedom Index released last week again reinforces legislators’ support for economic freedom and student-focused education are not determined by party affiliation, with significant disparity between high and low scores among Republicans in the House and Senate.  With 50 percent considered ‘neutral’ (i.e., just as likely to vote in favor as to oppose), the Senate range … Read More

Freedom Index: Political Division is Citizens vs. Government, Not Party Lines

Dave TrabertEducation, Tax & Spending

The Freedom Index published by Kansas Policy Institute has repeatedly shown the legislative political division to not be about Democrats and Republicans but about legislators’ view of the role of government, and the above June 2 update of 2017 Freedom Index certainly bears that out.  With a score of 50 percent being considered neutral, there are 13 Senators at the top … Read More

Kansas Freedom Index – Legislature Opposes Economic Freedom, Personal Liberty

Dave TrabertTax & Spending

Based on votes cast so far, the 2017 Legislature is more likely to oppose student-focused education, economic freedom and the constitutional principles tracked in the 2017 Kansas Freedom Index.  Of the 158 pieces of legislation tracked this year, only 23 have final votes thus far, but the preliminary results are the lowest ever recorded in the six years the Kansas … Read More

Politics Too Often Trumps Policy in Topeka

James FrankoUncategorized

Between memories of “I’m Just a Bill” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” we all have visions of how the legislative process is supposed to look. Soaring rhetoric and epic clashes of statesmen, and women, doing battle over the issues of the day. The slow, deliberative process of a bill going from the committee, to the chamber, and so on … Read More