• Kansas lockdown shrinks economy, needs post-COVID-19 reforms

    Kansas lockdown shrinks economy, needs post-COVID-19 reforms0

    Governor Kelly extended her statewide lockdown into May amidst signs that 25% of small businesses feel they are weeks away from closing permanently.  Now, new data details how difficult it’s been for Kansas businesses and families to make ends meet. According to these estimates, COVID-19 and, in no small part, government lockdowns have closed half

  • Government policy Kansans need to combat COVID-19

    Government policy Kansans need to combat COVID-190

    There’s been a flurry of government action to keep up with the rapidly changing COVID-19 outbreak. Action is certainly needed and great care should be taken to balance stopping the spread of the virus while limiting lasting negative economic or constitutional impacts. Governor Kelly has already taken some steps towards that end such as and

  • Income inequality is about choice not “fairness”

    Income inequality is about choice not “fairness”0

    Everyone from democratic presidential candidates to President Trump has some opinion on the concept of income inequality. In Kansas, Governor Kelly even commissioned a tax policy group with the stated intentions to combat inequality by distributing income in ways perceived more “fair”.  However, data from the U.S. Census Bureau strongly suggests differences in lifestyle choices

  • Three Signs of Kansas Government Growth

    Three Signs of Kansas Government Growth0

    How much government is too much for Kansas? Three straight years of income tax increases are sending the state budget to another historical high. However, three signs suggest that bigger is not always better. Three signs; jobs, personal income, and purchases, that link government growth to a stagnant Kansas economy. The legislature approved, and the

  • Kansas Ranked 15th in Economic Freedom

    Kansas Ranked 15th in Economic Freedom0

    Out of all 50 states, Kansas ranked 15th in economic freedom in 2016. The Economic Freedom of North America 2018, published by the Fraser Institute, measures individual states supportive of economic freedom. Kansas tied for 19th in all of North America. The most economically free state is Florida, while the least economically free state is

  • State think tanks lead the fight for freedom0

    Anyone wondering whether the Washington swamp can be drained need only look to some amazing accomplishments in the states for encouragement, where state think tanks are leading the fight for freedom.  Michigan, with a long-standing tradition of forced union membership, became a right-to-work state in 2013 after decades of efforts led by Mackinac Center for