• Saving Billions in Kansas Government Budgets

    Saving Billions in Kansas Government Budgets0

    Mega-subsidies, property tax increases, and uncompetitive economics, oh my! From the local to the state level, legislators have the opportunity everywhere from government budgets to the next legislative session to make Kansas a more affordable and economically competitive state for families. Local Budgeting Cities, counties, school districts, and various other government budgets across Kansas are

  • SB 347: The Mother of All Subsidies

    SB 347: The Mother of All Subsidies0

    The government version of Einstein’s supposed definition of insanity (doing the same things over and over at a much higher cost and expecting different outcomes) is the theme of Senate Bill 347 (SB 347).  State and local officials have long embraced subsidies as the primary tool for economic growth despite the fact that Kansas is