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$2 billion 2017 Kansas payroll online

The 2017 calendar year State of Kansas payroll listing is now open for public inspection at KansasOpenGov. The $1.969 billion listing was obtained in an Open Records request and includes every person who received a state paycheck.

Higher education dominates the Top Ten Agency Payrolls. Kansas State University had the largest payroll at $332.1 million and the University of Kansas was a close second at $323.5 million. The University of Kansas Medical Center and Wichita State University have the next two slots and Pittsburg State University is #8. Changes over prior year spending would include pay increases as changes in staffing levels, which could include departments moving from one agency to another.

Total state payroll is just 0.8 percent higher than the previous year but some agencies had large payroll increases. The Technical Professions State Board and the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board both had increases above 50 percent, and several other fee-funded boards were also among the ten highest payroll increases. The Kansas Legislature is among the top ten, with a 14 percent increase to $7.8 million.

The ten highest paid state employees all work at state universities, with KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger topping the list at $721,735. Many coaches likely collect much more but they are paid with privately-raised funds and therefore not included on the state payroll listing.

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