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  • State school funding per-pupil ranked #16 in U.S.

    State school funding per-pupil ranked #16 in U.S.0

    U.S. Census data shows Kansas had the 16th highest state school funding per-pupil in 2016 at $7,970, based on headcount enrollment and total state aid of $3.9 billion.  Legislators therefore provided state aid that was 22 percent above the national average of $6,546 back in 2016 and KSDE estimates state aid will be $4.5 billion

  • Busting the Kansas PTA MythBusters

    Busting the Kansas PTA MythBusters0

    The March 2019 issue of the Kansas PTA MythBusters begins with this statement: “Be aware that statistics can be used to provide clarity or to create a cloud of doubt to misdirect.”  It then proceeds with a litany of misdirection, including: Misdirection #1: “over $1 billion in cuts made to public schools…” since 2009 Fact:

  • New county data underscores struggling Kansas economy

    New county data underscores struggling Kansas economy0

    Prototype county-level Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows deep pockets of concern for the Kansas economy.  The data covers the years 2012 through 2015, showing only 58 of the state’s 105 counties had GDP gains for the private sector, compared to 90 counties showing gains for government GDP. 

  • KPI acquires The Sentinel

    KPI acquires The Sentinel0

    After two years of operating as an independent entity, The Sentinel has become a subsidiary of Kansas Policy Institute.  Additional resources and editorial guidance from KPI will enhance The Sentinel’s ability to hold government and media accountable in Kansas, with expanded coverage of local government issues. Jack Cashill will continue his association with The Sentinel