• KDOR Misleads Lawmakers to Justify Kelly Tax Relief Veto

    KDOR Misleads Lawmakers to Justify Kelly Tax Relief Veto0

    For the third consecutive year, Governor Kelly has vetoed Congressional intent for Kansans to receive 100% of the 2017 Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. To help justify this veto, the Kansas Department of Revenue claimed Kansas was on track to lose $360 million from an expense deduction related to PPP loans.   But KDOR never

  • The real cost of Government “free stuff”

    The real cost of Government “free stuff”0

    It is natural to want to wish away all the hardships and obstacles we face in life. Unfortunately, we know that life does not work out that way. There’s a cost for every decision we make. It applies to politics as well. President Biden & Governor Kelly believe a $1.9 trillion plan will do just

  • Kansas RELIEF Act can spur COVID Recovery

    Kansas RELIEF Act can spur COVID Recovery0

    The Kansas Senate recently passed a Kansas RELIEF Act which returns roughly $450 to $470 million to Kansans. Under a Balanced Budget Plan, the RELIEF Act can spur a statewide economic recovery from the COVID pandemic. The Kansas “Rebuilding Employers and Livelihoods: Investing in Everyone’s Future” or RELIEF Act has many provisions that focus on

  • 2021 Legislator Briefing Book

    2021 Legislator Briefing Book0

    The 2021 version of our Legislator Briefing Book is a quick-reference guide that provides background and perspective on state spending, taxes, education, and general economic conditions. The charts and tables in each section are updated periodically and are available for download in our Tax and Spending media library and the Education media library. KPI 2021READ MORE
  • Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession

    Kelly’s budget raises taxes during recession0

    President Obama once publicly admitted that it is a bad idea to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. And yet, under an unprecedented COVID economic downturn, Gov. Kelly’s budget has not one, but two tax increases. These tax hikes financed a record-setting state budget, 29% bigger than in 2017. By contrast, the Governor

  • A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection

    A Kansas Budget for Economic Growth & COVID Protection0

    Kansas government is at a crossroads. One path leads to economic malaise, and an ever-increasing budget financed on the backs of those living paycheck to paycheck. Another path leads to a self-sustaining economy, where every tax dollar spent is knowingly tied to a public benefit. As Kansas lawmakers await and consider Governor Laura Kelly’s tax