• Legislature could turn incoming fiscal shortfall into savings

    Legislature could turn incoming fiscal shortfall into savings0

    This month, state forecasters and legislative researchers announced a $119 million budget shortfall by the end of the fiscal year 2022. However, they failed to mention that closing the budget shortfall would leave the state with a zero-ending balance with no room for error. Come January 2021, Kansas policymakers have an opportunity to turn this

  • Reversing years of Kansas fiscal mismanagement

    Reversing years of Kansas fiscal mismanagement0

    It is needed now more than ever for the Kansas government to adjust its budget like many Kansas families and businesses are doing today. Kansans painfully adapted to life during the pandemic, but governments around the state have done little to no belt-tightening. With the state 2020 election behind us, Kansans must acknowledge that the

  • In one month, 25,000 Kansans quit job hunting

    In one month, 25,000 Kansans quit job hunting0

    The Kansas labor market is in dire straits. According to the September jobs report, the state lost private-sector jobs. To make matters worse, 25,000 Kansans left the labor force stopping their job hunt altogether. The state’s new unemployment rate appears lower but is not moving in the right direction. After losing 124,000 private-sector jobs in

  • Federal bailouts of state budgets hasten fiscal disaster

    Federal bailouts of state budgets hasten fiscal disaster0

    Early this month, Governor Kelly testified to Congress, asking for federal bailouts of Kansas’ billion-dollar budget shortfall. However, bailing out Kansas’s budget shortfall cements poor fiscal management, puts Kansans at financial risk, and hastens a federal fiscal disaster. According to the Kansas Legislative Research Department, Kansas went from an ending balance of $1.1 billion in

  • Gov. Kelly plays politics with federal unemployment relief0

    Gov. Kelly announced last week that she won’t consider temporary federal unemployment relief as stalled congressional COVID negotiations. In response to President Trump issuing his own executive orders, the Governor’s announced her own executive action on COVID and her changing COVID  economic response. Such actions strongly suggest she’d rather paper over the faults of her administration than

  • Unemployed Kansans surpass no-lockdown states

    Unemployed Kansans surpass no-lockdown states0

    Kansans are finally climbing out of the COVID-19 economic hole, but  headwinds remain due to the ongoing pandemic and government lockdowns. On the one hand, the state is gaining private jobs since April, but has 65,000 fewer private jobs than in June 2019. To make matters worse, Kansas is among the worst of neighbor states