• November FY 2019: Sales Tax Stalls For Five Straight Months

    November FY 2019: Sales Tax Stalls For Five Straight Months0

    A well known economic “rule of thumb” is the concept that consumer purchases take up around 70% of the area’s economy. Therefore what does it say for Kansas’s economy if the tax from consumer purchases hasn’t grown for five straight months? The answer? It doesn’t say good things. The Kansas Policy Institute noticed the poor

  • 2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide Inbound

    2019 Legislator’s Budget Guide Inbound0

    You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy. President Ronald Reagan President Reagan understood the best way government can help people is by providing better service at an affordable cost to the taxpayer. Nearly 30 years later, the Kansas Policy Institute found Kansans still hold

  • Reports of Budget Surplus Ignore Imbalance

    Reports of Budget Surplus Ignore Imbalance0

    The State of Kansas is heading towards a cliff despite reports of budget surplus and campaign rhetoric. State budget analysts show Kansas deficit spending next year, and empty reserves by 2022. This is due to current levels of spending outpacing tax revenues. Something will have to give as the legislature and incoming governor decide how