• The Achievement Challenge: Solving the K-12 Puzzle

    The Achievement Challenge: Solving the K-12 Puzzle0

    Thousands of Kansas students each year are falling behind, and a false sense of high achievement is a tremendous barrier to getting them the help they need. The Kansas public education system spent $13,620 per student in 2017-18, setting another record. Since 2000, overall spending on K-12 education has increased by 75.4%, far outpacing inflation

  • KPI Publishes the Legislative Policy Guide

    KPI Publishes the Legislative Policy Guide0

    Our 2019 Legislative Policy Guide is intended to arm readers with facts and key questions to consider so each reader can be better informed on the issues that are being dealt with in the 2019 Kansas legislative session. Kansas Policy Insitute promotes research and possible solutions that better secure the freedom and prosperity of Kansans.

  • Cato study disputes claims of Kansas education efficiency

    Cato study disputes claims of Kansas education efficiency0

    One of the findings in the 2018 WestED K-12 cost study is a high level of efficiency in school spending, with efficiency in case meaning ‘bang for the buck.’ However, a study just released by the Cato Institute  says 30 states do better than Kansas when spending is adjusted for cost-of-living variances. Dr. Lori Taylor,

  • 2018 Voter Issue Guide

    2018 Voter Issue Guide0

    Whoever is elected governor and to the Kansas House of Representatives this fall will face some very serious issues come January. Kansas Policy Institute does not support or oppose candidates for public office, but we do provide educational information to the public about key economic and education issues facing Kansans.  Our 2018 Voter Issue Guide

  • 2018 Public Education Factbook

    2018 Public Education Factbook0

    Aside from ACT scores, the data in this Fact Book all come from official government sources, including local school districts, the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE), and the U.S. Department of Education. All data are the most current available and, unless otherwise noted, span through the 2016- 2017 academic year. Additional information (including annual historical data)

  • “Cost” Functions Should Not Be Used to Make Education Spending Decisions

    “Cost” Functions Should Not Be Used to Make Education Spending Decisions0

    Executive Summary In response to the Kansas Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Gannon V case, the Kansas Legislature recently contracted with a vendor to analyze the “cost” of educating public school students in grades K-12. Specifically, the vendor was asked to “estimate the minimum spending required to produce a given outcome within a given