• Views of individual Kansans clear in new poll

    Views of individual Kansans clear in new poll0

    The Kansas legislature will convene next week with as much an eye to their upcoming elections as to the policy work they’ll tackle. Certainly, some policy-making will be done, but the overriding concern will be the electoral calendar. The views of individual Kansans who are most-concerned about their family and local opportunities can be lost,

  • 2017 Kansas Freedom Index

    2017 Kansas Freedom Index0

    An informed citizenry is an essential element of maintaining a free society. Having a deeper understanding of how legislation impacts education freedom, economic freedom and the constitutional principles of individual liberty and limited government allows citizens to better understand the known and often unknown consequences of legislative issues. The Freedom Index is a continuation of

  • Kansas Legislature Lifetime Freedom Index Released

    Kansas Legislature Lifetime Freedom Index Released0

    Kansas Policy Institute’s 2017 Lifetime Freedom Index released last week again reinforces legislators’ support for economic freedom and student-focused education are not determined by party affiliation, with significant disparity between high and low scores among Republicans in the House and Senate.  With 50 percent considered ‘neutral’ (i.e., just as likely to vote in favor as