• 2016 Freedom Index Live

    2016 Freedom Index Live0

    UPDATE: With the 2016 Special Session completed, the information below is no longer the complete picture of votes from the 2016 legislative sessions. PLEASE CLICK HERE to find the final, comprehensive Kansas Freedom Index that reflects both the regular and special sessions. With the Trump v. Clinton drama dominating the political media, Kansans may be forgiven

  • 2016 Public Education Factbook

    2016 Public Education Factbook0

    KPI’s fourth annual Public Education Fact Book is a one-stop shop for data on public school information from The Sunflower State. Numerous scientific surveys show that citizens are grossly misinformed on many pertinent facts of public education in Kansas. Aid and spending per-pupil are much higher than many Kansans believe, and student achievement is lower

  • 2016 Green Book

    2016 Green Book0

    Latest in “Factbook” series exploring the relationship between the size of government and economic vitality.