• KSDE deceives legislators about student achievement

    KSDE deceives legislators about student achievement0

    It’s pretty telling when student achievement is so low that the Kansas Department of Education will only talk about it in generalities. Testimony presented by Deputy Commissioner Bran Neuenswander said state assessment scores were on a decline between 2015 and 2018, began to “level off” in 2019, but then fell in 2021.  (The assessment wasn’t

  • Kansas kids need money-follow-the-child programs

    Kansas kids need money-follow-the-child programs0

    If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome after decades of effort, what makes you think that doing the same things over and over again will produce a different result? That’s certainly the case with student achievement in Kansas, as evidenced by the 2020 ACT scores. The average 2020 ACT score in Kansas declined for theREAD MORE
  • KSDE: per-pupil funding estimated at $16,216 this year

    KSDE: per-pupil funding estimated at $16,216 this year0

    The Kansas Department of Education confirmed this week that per-pupil funding is estimated to be $16,216 this year; that’s 9.2% higher than last year’s record level of $14,848.  KSDE Deputy Commissioner of Finance Craig Neuenswander confirmed the numbers in an email to KPI. Per-pupil funding from the State is estimated to be $10,967; federal aid